Guardian Corrosion Control Corp.

Cost analysis:

      Lets just say that it will cost you $200,000 to fix a casing if it were to blow. At $5600 per location, that $200K could pay for almost 36 systems. That means over the next 20 years of every 100 wells that you have, if you prevent just 3 casing leaks then you are money and time ahead. In addition, if you were to prevent just 5 out of every 100, you would be $400,000 MORE to the good. It is an easy decision to make fiscally, and the responsible decision to make for your company.

     Guardian produces rectifiers for all areas of the oil patch, including pipeline applications, as well as for protecting your well casings.  Well casings are the fastest growing sector of cathodic protection out there.  Oil and gas producers are becoming more and more aware of the advantages of having CP on their most important assets.  We have provided a typical cost breakdown(see right) that explains why many production companies and going all-in on CP!

Pipeline/Casing Rectifiers